My WPDigiPro Review: Here’s What I Really Think!

Thomas-SquareI always wanted to code a WordPress theme & guess what after weeks if not months of sleepless nights I was able to build one! Soon this craze got over me & in just 3 more months I had a crazy theme portfolio. 😊 (P.S. WPDigiPro has made me $$$ keep reading to know how it helped

One of my close friend Aaron (great person) suggested me to put my themes up for sale online, umm… at first I thought it was a bad idea but the greedy in me wanted to make some quick buck 😛 So I went on google, did some research & found this site (themeforest) I could have sold my theme here but WAIT WHAT..!?? tension-memethey charge 55% Commission per sale..?!! (That’s like stealing my money) I went SCREAMING with rage!! it was high time now and I needed to find something FAST!

After hours of research found nothing & soon my interest died off.. & here’s where my story with Tantan Hilyatana begins, keep reading to know more.

When I was overly frustrated with not finding a proper solution to my problem, I took it to a Web Dev FB group & majority of us had similar problems… 😕 Someone had to step up & Tantan was the man this time he with the help of his partner (Santosh Singh) developed this amazing WordPress plugin (WPDigiPro) which eliminated the need of a middle man when your selling digital product online. Thank you!


Here’s my thoughts and opinion on WPDigiPro…

First of all I am very grateful that I was able to get my hands on this plugin early before it was released to the public. Everything I mention in this review I have personally tested & of course the review is 100% unbiased (P.S. there is a case study later in the review 😉)

I will be going over parts of the plugin which caught my attention & worth mentioning.

  • Test Run: First off all I really like the way you can test run your entire sales funnel by easily enabling the developer mode & by activating the sandbox checkout options for paypal or 2checkout. Testing is always a crucial step and WPDigiPro makes it extremely easy to do.
  • Short Code: Sending custom emails is very easy as well as there are 21 premade short code (P.S. they don’t mention it on their website I personally had to count it as there are so many 😮)
  • User Dashboard Customization: Everything in the users dashboard from text colors to even the button hover colors can be customized.
  • Autoresponder‎: At launch there are 15 autoresponder‎ integration available but Tantan has promised that he will add more if there is enough demand, which is awesome. 👍🏼

  • Remove Powered By: If you want you can remove the text “Powered By WPDigiPro” for a cleaner look during the checkout process, this is an option I really like as there are no many paid plugins which will not allow you to remove their branding.

Add-ons (Free & Paid)


  1. Easy EDD Migration
  2. Autoresponder‎ (This should be a paid add-on, that’s how good it is)
  3. Amazon S3
  4. Invoice Creator
  5. SMTP Integration
  6. Referrer
  7. JVZoo

PAID (All 7 come in a Package)

  1. Ticket Support
  2. Abandon Cart
  3. Coupons
  4. Bundle Feature
  5. Affiliate System
  6. Warrior Plus
  7. Zaxaa

In total there are 14 add-ons. As standard you get seven add-ons FREE & the other seven are paid, duh!! 😑 isn’t that stupid?? Well NO…. 4 out of the 7 paid add-ons are plain amazing (I discuss my favorite ones below) & I would personally recommend you to get the complete add-on package from the get go as its of immense help in improving conversion rate.

My Personal Favorite Add-ons

  • Abandon Cart Email – 9 out of 10 time people will abandon their cart & leave your website, so can’t we do anything about it? Say hello to Abandon Cart emails! In my test period I configured it to send abandon emails 1 hour after the cart was abandoned (I also added a 15% OFF code in the email which I created using the coupon add-on) & I had an insane CTR of 20%, overall out of the 20% who came back to my website 56% converted – Power of Abandon Cart Emails! 😎

  • Coupons – Running Promotions? Doing a giveaway? Coupons are for you then, I primarily used it in my Abandon Cart Emails and generated a decent sum of revenue. 😀
  • Ticket System – This add-on will make your website look extremely professional! have you noticed when you go to those big brand websites & they usually have some sort of customer support ticketing system? Well this add-on does exactly that, its not the best one out there but for something basic it gets the job done very well & is very easy to configure as well.
  • Bundle Feature – One of the best way you can increase your average order value is by bundling products up, this way not only are you able to provide better value to your customer but increase your revenue as well & the package product add-on is a very intuitive way of doing so. (P.S. I managed to earn on average an extra $17 per customer alone just by using this add-on)

Pros & Cons

Pros –

  1. Ease of use: The plugin is easy to navigate around and everything is well documented if your unable to find something you can always look it up in their plugin documentation area.
  2. Wide Application: WPDigiPro can not only be used for selling themes like I did but for any digital product out there! for example – eBooks, Stock Photos or even for maintaining a membership/online course website.
  3. Killer Support: The prime two people behind this plugin Tantan & Santosh are willing to provide you with their personal Skype ID if you need help, now that is dedication towards customers! Any questions you have or if your facing any problems they will respond ASAP, I bombarded them with my stupid questions! but they were cool with it & provided great response.
  4. Download Link Protection: Are you worried about your paid products getting stolen?? Well you should be!! WPDigiPro is the only plugin I found in its class which offers this feature of locking your download URL so users without appropriate permissions cant access the download link & the addition of generating licenses automatically for the product adds to the security even more.

Cons – My only con with this product is that we actually have to pay $97 extra for premium add-on, why not bundle them in for free? But if your serious about selling digital products online then grabbing the add-on bundle is a must & definitely you will quickly recover the cost. (At least someone dumb like me was able to recover 7 times the cost 😂 so just imagine how much you can)

Check out my Results from using this plugin (Case Study)

Before I start talking about the numbers 💰 let me take you through my simple sales funnel. This is how it looks, I used Facebook ads to direct traffic to my product landing page and then they can either buy my $67 theme or abandon, if they bought my theme they are redirected (P.S. Redirecting feature is build-in in this plugin) to the upsell page where they can purchase my theme installation service & extended support service for $19. Now that you know what I was doing lets talk $$$.

So as you can see from the above table that I was able to generate $1593.92 in profits!! and guess what this is not even including the revenue I generated from the upsell & the abandon cart emails, do you want to know how much I made with those?? Check Below!!

See I said abandon cart emails are King!! If I had not run the abandon cart email campaign I would have been missing out on $737 in revenue!! plus you can see how my upsell made me an extra $76 so if you calculate I made just over $2400 in profits!! that to in a week, so you can just imagine how much I am making now..!!?? 😉

$97 One Time – What a Bargain, here’s how I got mine cheaper! (DISCOUNT/BONUS)

So obviously Tantan was not giving me his product for free 😛 although I am very grateful that he had me on board for testing before the launch. So how was I able to get it cheaper? Well, he provided me with a special coupon and seriously I had to beg him for allowing me to share it with you guys so here it is – “wpdigipro” yes that’s the coupon 😂 a special limited time 10% off wpdigipro discount for the readers of this review ENJOY!!! check if its still available <<

Very Happy with WPDigiPro

Thomas-circleOverall, I’m really impressed with WPDigiPro. Sure there are some small bugs but the development team behind is quick to fix them. (UPDATE: All the bug I reported are already fixed)

I highly recommend this plugin especially if you’re looking to make more profits per sale & minimize on overhead costs.

Don’t forget to check and see if the discount is still available here <<

Well, thanks for reading this WPDigiPro review. I hope it answered any questions you may have but if you have any questions please contact me.

Video Demo by Santosh Singh